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Gateway / Virtual Terminal

SaleQuick Virtual Terminal Solution

Get started with a SaleQuick account and take payments today! SaleQuick makes accepting payments simple! The virtual terminal makes it easy to process payments no matter where you are. You can also manage your entire payment solution from the Virtual Terminal Gateway.

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Start Processing Payments Anywhere

With SaleQuick’s Virtual terminal Solution you can process payments no matter where you are.

Quick and Easy Billing

With SaleQuick’s smart platform it is easy to add previous and new customers. If you have clients to need to be set up on recurring billing you can set it up with the click of a button!

Enable Multiple Users

Do you have multiple employees that need access? No worries, SaleQuick makes it easy to set up multiple users and even give them different levels of permissions. Create as many user as you desire with the permissions you select.

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Smart Features

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SaleQuick’s smart features is what we believe makes us unique..

With SaleQuick you have all the following features:

Recurring Payments

Text to Pay

White Label Capability

Tap Into POS Inventory

Professional Templates

Customers Can Save Cards


No PCI Compliance Fees

We take pride in assuring our customers that with us there are no small hidden fees including PCI Compliance Fees. With us you have 1 simple payment.


Have the ability to customize absolutely everything you could want. This includes invoices, receipts, reports, etc. This customization helps leave a branding impression.

Why SaleQuick?

Safe & Secure

Rest assured that all SaleQuick payments are PCI compliant and completely secure. We value you and your customers' privacy and we work hard to protect it. We encrypt all of the data on our platform.

Lower Rates

Don’t worry about small hidden fees that rack up on your monthly bill. With our transparent and consistent pricing you know exactly what you are paying for and how much.

Easy to Set Up

Getting started with SaleQuick is simple. We have 4 steps to identify if you are a good fit for our solution and if you are get you seamlessly onboarded.

Customers Love It

Customers want a quick way to pay their bills and invoices. SaleQuick allows you to give your customers the best payment experience possible.

Gain Business Insights

Don’t worry about small hidden fees that rack up on your monthly bill. With our transparent and consistent pricing you know exactly what you are paying for and how much.

Fast Bank Deposits

It’s your money and you want it now! Hope you got that reference. SaleQuick has fast bank deposits that get you your money quicker.

Trusted by Mainstreet

Using SaleQuick made my business more efficient, hands down. They provide services that I used to have to work with several different providers for. Now it's all centralized, the customer support is outstanding, and the products are all user-friendly.

Calvin Newhart

Payment processing can be a huge pain to deal with, I know because I've dealt with difficult payment processing solutions. SaleQuick makes it easy; the app is easy, the setup is easy, the whole process has been seamless. I'm a huge fan.

Michael Alvin

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