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PAX A920

Enable Your Business With The Pax A920

SaleQuick makes accepting payments easy! Our SaleQuick platform was designed to empower business owners with the power of high tech payment processing with the ease of use that anyone can easily grasp. At SaleQuick we are a fan of the Pax A920 and we have designed our solution with it in mind. With the Pax A920 you can take card present, mobile payments, and much more. The Pax A920 has gotten its rep for it’s aesthetic appearance and we thought it was the perfect pair to SaleQuick’s sleek and intuitive platform.

Great Features

With SaleQuick’s Pax A920 Card Reader Terminal you can process payments no matter where you are. The Pax A920 also has a whole host of really awesome features – these include an app store, a built in thermal printer, versatility, 10 hour battery life, and more! You can see some more of the unique features below.

Versatile in Any Payment Scenario

The Pax A920 is great because it has built-in 2G, 3G, 4G, Bluetooth and it can connect to wifi!

This allows for versatile use. Some scenarios we’ve seen our partners use are:

At Tables

At Curbside

At the Counter

At Customer's Homes

At Conferences

Really you can use the Pax A920 anywhere you would like.

Cool Tech

The Pax A920 has some pretty cool features that we always like to mention. The coolest part is that these features come ‘out of the box’.

  • Built In Thermal Printer
  • Front Facing and Back Facing Camera so you can read barcodes
  • EMV and NFC payment acceptance

Accept All Payment Types

The Pax A920 can accept all major credit & debit cards and can process Mobile Payments via mobile wallets – such as ApplePay, Google Wallet, Android Wallet and more.

Here’s a list for you.

  • NFC contactless for mobile and wallet payments
  • Electronic signature capture
  • EMV chip
  • Magnetic swipe
  • QR code scan

Process Credit and Debit Cards

You can process all forms of credit and debit card brands included but, not limited to:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Discover
  • American Express
  • And More

Extended Battery Life

If you are going wireless then you always need to be cautious of battery life. Luckily, the Pax A920 has a 10 Hour Battery Life.

New Age Design

The new age design of the Pax A920 just looks great and is a great level up if you are still using the same ole dusty card reader.

    It Has an App Store

    The Pax has an App store. The PAXSTORE is an app store that can help you customize your experience with the Pax.

    Essentially, the apps enable you to easily customize your Pax to fit the exact needs of your business.


    Use Seamlessly with SaleQuick

    We designed the SaleQuick solution with the Pax A920 in mind. If you are a SaleQuick user then all data and payments processed through the Pax A920 seamlessly enters into the platform for your review. To view this data and trends you can access with your visual dashboard.

    Why SaleQuick?

    Safe & Secure

    Rest assured that all SaleQuick payments are PCI compliant and completely secure. We value you and your customers' privacy and we work hard to protect it. We encrypt all of the data on our platform.

    Lower Rates

    Don’t worry about small hidden fees that rack up on your monthly bill. With our transparent and consistent pricing you know exactly what you are paying for and how much.

    Easy to Set Up

    Getting started with SaleQuick is simple. We have 4 steps to identify if you are a good fit for our solution and if you are get you seamlessly onboarded.

    Customers Love It

    Customers want a quick way to pay their bills and invoices. SaleQuick allows you to give your customers the best payment experience possible.

    Gain Business Insights

    Don’t worry about small hidden fees that rack up on your monthly bill. With our transparent and consistent pricing you know exactly what you are paying for and how much.

    Fast Bank Deposits

    It’s your money and you want it now! Hope you got that reference. SaleQuick has fast bank deposits that get you your money quicker.

    Trusted by Mainstreet

    Using SaleQuick made my business more efficient, hands down. They provide services that I used to have to work with several different providers for. Now it's all centralized, the customer support is outstanding, and the products are all user-friendly.

    Calvin Newhart

    Payment processing can be a huge pain to deal with, I know because I've dealt with difficult payment processing solutions. SaleQuick makes it easy; the app is easy, the setup is easy, the whole process has been seamless. I'm a huge fan.

    Michael Alvin

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