Accepting Payments is Simple

We enable your business to accept all types and forms of payments right from our Credit & Debit processing app. Explore and see how we can help you with in-store, mobile and invoicing payments. Let SaleQuick power all your payment processing needs.

    In-Store & Mobile Payments

    No Hidden Fees or PCI Compliance Fees

    At SaleQuick, we provide transparent consistent pricing. Unlike some payment companies we don’t charge any small hidden fees or compliance fees. You know what you’ll be paying each month – no surprises.

    No Contracts

    We don’t force commitment with long term contracts. We keep customers because they want to work with us, not because they have to.

    Great Customer Service

    We are with you every step of the way. If you need help you can reach us by many of our support channels, including: Chat, Email, and Phone.

    Quick and Easy Sign Up

    We provide a seamless onboarding experience. After you are setup you can begin taking payments within minutes!

    What Is SaleQuick?

    The Four Step Process

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    Use SaleQuick as You Wish


    Safety Is Our Priority

    Our main priority is to keep your business and your customer’s information safe with our two layers of security.

    Have peace of mind knowing that SaleQuick is compliant with all major card brands to store and transmit card data.

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    Every aspect of our technology is encrypted to keep all private information secure.

    Who is it for?

    Service industries - plumbers, electricians, auto shops, dog groomers, lawyers, car washes, insurance companies, building trades, day spas, swimming pool companies; focus on service providers and in a lot of cases the routine services (i/e weekly pool maintenance, landscapers, etc) provided.







    Get the App

    SaleQuick is both available for downloading from google web store and Apple Store and is Compatible with all modern devices.

    Invoicing Made Simple

    Simply generate an invoice and send it to your customer through text or email, which allows them to pay you from anywhere in the world. You will also get alerted when payment is complete.

    Our APIs

    Enable your software to send text and email payment requests. Help your SaaS customers get paid quickly and easily.

    How Credit Card Processing Works

    How Credit Card Processing Works

    While it seems like a quick easy process to use your credit card or debit card to pay for goods or services, the process behind it is actually very complex. Information passes from the cardholder to the processing company of the merchant...

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    Innovation of Pay by Text

    Innovation of Pay by Text

    Once upon a time, paying bills was easy; you wrote a check, slid it in an envelope, and slapped a stamp on it. Credit and debit cards made that easier, and now more businesses have moved to online bill pay. The reality is that many younger generations..

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    Power Your Business With SaleQuick

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