Once upon a time, paying bills was easy; you wrote a check, slid it in an envelope, and slapped a stamp on it. Credit and debit cards made that easier, and now more businesses have moved to online bill pay. The reality is that many younger generations do not even purchase checks to use these days. But, what if there was an even easier way to reach your customers? One they were already familiar with?

There is. Today’s generations revolve around smart phones. Almost everyone has a device capable of sending and receiving text messages in their pocket. Since we have the technology available, we may as well utilize it, right? Well, now you can bring the convenience of pay by text straight to your customers’ hands, using revolutionary technology that turns text messages into payments for goods and services. Better yet, it’s easy to use for everyone involved.

Simplify Payments For Everyone

Text to pay technology is one of the safest ways to go. Better yet, there is zero learning curve with this technology; everyone knows how to text! Customers can pay for goods and services or make charitable donations while using a safe and secure technology that every modern cellphone has. This technology works along the same lines as standard text messaging; however, the key difference is that data is transmitted over a secure channel to protect users’ personal information.

How Does It Work?

Paying through text is the easiest form of payment for both you and your clientele. 
Here’s how it works:

  • 1. Opt-In!
  • 2. Customer will simply click the link texted to them & Pay.

Yes, that’s totally it! After customers opt-in to the service, they can choose to use the pay by text message service, or only receive reminders about billing. SaleQuick creates an online account associated with the customer’s phone number when they opt-in. This account acts as a store point to securely hold payment information, and can only be accessed with a code that the customer chooses. When invoices go out, customers who have opted in to the service receive notice. From there, payment really is as simple as replying with a text. SaleQuick can process the payment using the code given by the customer. Customers receive a receipt, either through text or email. You have never used a more simple process.

What Are The Advantages Of Text To Pay? 

The way that we pay for things has changed, and will continue to do so in the coming years. Whether using biometrics, a text message payment system, or NFC payment systems, we are revolutionizing the way the world as we know it works. Gone are the days of convenience fees, waiting for things to process, or posting payments to your account at a delayed rate. When you use a text to pay solution for your clients, you will find they love it. Why? 

Easy And Efficient To Use For Your Customers

  • 1. Ease of use. Millions of people send and receive text messages every day. Why not make use of that technology for a text payment system? We do just that. No apps to download, no bloatware, no complicated systems to learn. Your customers already know how to use everything they need to use pay by text. 
  • 2. Speed. In literally seconds, customers can respond to payment requests. There is no waiting for payment to post, no fees for expedited payments, or time spent on hold for high call volume. As soon as the text containing the proper approval code is sent, payment can be processed immediately. In fact, retail companies are already using this technology with great success. 
  • 3. Ability to personalize, safely. Through traditional payment methods, personal information is often transmitted over the phone or through the internet. With the innovation of text to pay technology, all of this can be bypassed. Customers create accounts securely associated with their personal information, pay, and avoid having to give their information out over and over. 
  • 4. Supported by every operating system. One of the biggest problems with NFC and other payment systems is that they are not the same across multiple devices. For example, Apple has yet to release a device capable of NFC payments. However, every modern phone has the ability to send and receive text messages. No additional apps, nothing complicated whatsoever. Since most people have unlimited text messaging, the service is essentially free to use for your customers. 
  • 5. Efficient! There is no waiting on line to reach a representative, dealing with a troublesome automated system, or any hassle. You can go from informed to paid for in under 5 seconds anywhere cell service or WiFi is available. No other system has the same efficiency!

Cost Effective, Accurate, And Easy To Use For Your Business

  • 1. Securely transmit and store personal data. When customers create their account initially, they set up a profile complete with payment information. Text to pay solutions store this data safely, which keeps customers from having to constantly give out their information over and over. It also saves you from having to store their information, which can be quite costly, especially for small businesses. 
  • 2. Shorter service times. When customers have to log in to an online account or make a phone call, they spend valuable time doing so. Many things can arise that influence them to push making payments off to a more convenient date. However, this sometimes leads to late payments. In addition, you spend less time verifying account details. No more entering email, phone number, shipping address, card number, expiration date, CV code, and billing zip code. 
  • 3. Cheaper. On top of spending less time processing payments, this technology allows you to instantly reach large groups of people. Most individuals check texts frequently, if not immediately upon receiving them. This allows you to communicate vital information faster than email, and significantly faster than snail mail. 
  • 4. Accuracy. This system results in exactly zero human error on your side of the processing. The benefit of this cannot be overstated. 
  • 5. Increases customer satisfaction, which builds loyalty. When customers find things are easy to use, they are inclined to use them again and to refer their friends and family. This is an unbelievable asset when it comes to building your brand, and keeping people loyal to your service. 
  • 6. Easy to use! Once you set up an account, SaleQuick takes care of the back end management for you. If you are tired of managing customer accounts or spending unnecessary funds on making sure your clients have an easy way to pay for your services, then…

Text To Pay Is A Good Fit For Me, Right?

In short, yes. Text payment systems work for a variety of businesses and applications. For more information, or to see what a text to pay system could accomplish for your business, contact experts today.