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At SaleQuick we are committed to providing the greatest payment experience. SaleQuick was developed to provide a solution for all your payment needs. We enable you with everything from Online Payments (Ecommerce), Mobile Payments, Invoicing, Text To Pay and much more!
With our Ecommerce plugin you can accept payments online within minutes – with an easy setup too! With the SaleQuick platform you have the power to view your payment and revenue data all from an easy to read dashboard. This includes payments done through your terminal, card reader, invoices, ecommerce store and more. Simply put, if it’s a payment and you’re using SaleQuick you will see it
If you have a website powered by WordPress the SaleQuick Plugin will be a seamless fit. The SaleQuick Payments plugin allows you to accept credit & debit card payments via a SaleQuick payment gateway on your WordPress website. The smart features of the SaleQuick platform will remember all the customer payment data of a returning customer for easy check out and higher conversion rates!

Website API

Premium Features

What Are the Features?

The SaleQuick Ecommerce Plugin has all the features you need to effectively run your business. A few of them can be found below:

  Quick Installation & Setup

  Smart Fill

  Sell Products & Services via Plugin

  Create ‘Buy Buttons’ to place on your site

  Option to Collect Taxes on Products

  Option to collect shipping for products

  Stock Control Option

  PCI Compliant

  And More!

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What are the Benefits?

Begin taking payments from customers minutes after setup. Have all your payment data from different terminals present on your dashboard.

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